Art Room Renovation/ Brown Paper Bag Floor

Like any person with a hobby, you need a hobby room! 

I bought my house towards the end of the year in 2013. Needless to say it is a house that needs some major upgrades. (Finally the house of my dreams I get to make my own from floor to ceiling!)

Brown Paper Bag Floor (total cost was roughly $120.00)

Step 1: Get rid of everything! (Trash old carpet, paint walls if wanted and of course move all furniture out of the room.) 

Step 2: Prep. Remove all base boards from the room. (I did not remove the base boards and it was a mistake so learn from my mistake!)

Clean your floor very well. Scrap or strip any anomalies from your floor. If there are holes in your floor, you will want to patch them before continueing. 

Step 3. Get Started. 

If you are doing the rock look I suggest ripping your paper ahead of time and crinkling them before starting to glue.

To glue the paper to your floor, use a mixture of 50% Elmers Glue and 50% Water. Use the palm of your hand to smooth out all air bubbles. 

Step 4. Once the paper is glued down, let it dry, then you stain it! Any oil based stain can be used in any color desired. I made my oil stain a little on thin side but  still love it!

Step 5. Once your Stain is dried it is time for the final finish, Polyurethane! I used a no ordor polyurethane that dried in 30 minutes. To apply the poly I used a deck brush. All together I used about a half gallon of Poly to finish the floor. 

Notes: If scratches occur, add some polyurethane to fix. If you also want to change the color of your finished floor you simply re-stain in the desired color and re-poly. 

Final Touches 

On sale Counter top from Menards. Each counter top was on sale for $25.00!

Then put it all back together and make yourself a Closet Office

Glue Mixture

The Before Picture

Glue Paper Down

Dried Glued Paper

Stained & Finished

Add the Counters

All Together 

Closet Office