Living Room Reno

Floor Attempt 1

Stained Concrete. 

I have seen a lot of gorgeous concrete stained floors so naturally I had to try it. After extensive research I found the Soy Crete product off of Amazon. 

1. Remove everything from the room and remove the carpet (Base Boards are optional to remove)

2. Remove any anomiles from the floor by stripping or sanding

3. Clean the floor (vacum and mopping)

4. Stain the floor. I chose a light sandstone color, if choosing a lighter color make sure you buy enough stain to do more than one coat of the stain. Otherwise it will not be as viberant as expecting (this is were I went wrong)

5. Seal the floor

Floor Final


The Bar 

The Custom Couch 

The Perfect Rug 

Shelving/Entertainment Stand